Following the decision of the Administrative Court of Cayenne on September 30, 2021 rendering null and void the prefectural decree of 2015: Shutdown of the “Dieu Merci” plant

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Auplata Mining Group – AMG (Euronext Growth – FR0013410370 – ALAMG), has taken note of the decision of the Administrative Court of Cayenne rendered on September 30, 2021, declaring the prefectural decree No. 2015-322-0002, dated November 18, 2015, null and void and consequently canceling the complementary prefectural decree dated November 21, 2019, which authorized the operation of the “Dieu Merci” plant. The procedural argument used by the Administrative Court to conclude that the 2015 decree had lapsed, was that, according to the Court, the former management of Auplata did not comply with the 3-year deadline, from the order of November 2015, for the commissioning of the “Dieu Merci” plant.

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