Good governance and ethical conduct

The image of integrity, responsibility, respect and development AUPLATA MINING GROUP is the most important value of the organization. AMG's conduct and actions must reflect the spirit, purpose and commitment to comply with the policies and laws in effect. Representatives and workers of AMG must act in the same way as those of BGPP. They must maintain the highest standards of integrity and honesty. Each representative, director, superintendent and supervisor of AMG has a special responsibility towards its employees and must act in accordance with the country's legislation, internal policies, this code of ethics and established rules of law, as well as only in the dissemination of it, to ensure harmony in the company. AMG representatives must be an example to follow in their work, they are the representative image of the company.


Job inclusion

At AMG, the inclusion of work is an essential part of the business. We have workers from different backgrounds, political and religious beliefs. We are a multi-faceted team where everyone is responsible for being the best in their field. Our priority is to work as a team because we know it's the formula for achieving the results we expect.